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What Is Securis?

Securis is a ground-floor technology recycling franchise that solves a corporate crisis in computing with a secure, certified data destruction process

Securis is an IT asset destruction franchise and electronics recycling company that delivers peace of mind to large and medium-sized companies and two valuable revenue streams to its franchisees.

Our business model is based on a simple truth: There are billions of hard drives in the United States that contain sensitive information, and that digital information needs to be completely obliterated to prevent any possibility of data leaks that could compromise private customer information, patient information, financial data, valuable competitive intelligence, and even more sensitive secrets — such as the data on the hard drives of defense contractors working with the Pentagon and the NSA. Our clients include banking institutions, government agencies, health-care firms, data centers, information technology and professional services firms and other organizations, small and large.

Companies and government agencies are constantly replacing IT equipment. When a computer is replaced, what happens to the old one, which still has sensitive data on it? Even a hard drive that has been reformatted can have data retrieved by a savvy hacker. So how do companies ensure that their data stays protected even when old equipment leaves their building? They call us.

How we obliterate data

Securis gets the NSA’s thumbs-up for digital data destruction practices. Here’s why.

There are two main ways to destroy digital data, and we use them both. The first is called “degaussing” and involves using high-powered magnets to demagnetize a mechanical hard drive. That essentially scrambles digital data and makes it unrecoverable. The most common data destruction technique is shredding. We put hard drives through an electronic media shredder, which chews the hard drives into tiny pieces. Securis also provides microshredding, which is needed to destroy small memory devices like USB thumb drives, SSD cards and other microelectronics. Those processes meet or exceed all federal government regulations, including those of the Department of Defense.

inside one of our recycling franchises

Total transparency and security

Our data destruction process can be performed on-site at the customer’s premises or in our secure, access-controlled facilities. Our on-site data destruction process gives IT managers peace of mind because they can actually see their old hard drives and thumb drives being destroyed. We use mobile shredders that are mounted inside a truck that can be backed up directly to your loading dock so that your hard drive is destroyed before it ever leaves the premises.

Securis utilizes an industrial shredder to chop, mince and shred hard drives, cell phones, tapes and other data storage devices into tiny, inaccessible fragments. Our system is completely self-sufficient, using power from our secure service truck’s internally mounted generator, requiring no use of any facilities resources to operate.

Off-site data destruction involves the secure collection of hard drives from our customers. The hard drives are stored in locked bins and transported using our GPS-enabled trucks, so that we always know the location of customers’ data. Once it arrives at a Securis warehouse, the hard drives are destroyed. Bar codes affixed to each hard drive allow customers to track the process and allow Securis franchisees to easily provide verification of destruction.

Securis has its AAA Certification from the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) for both its plant-based and mobile operations. In addition, it is certified by the Defense Logistics Information Service to store and transport military-critical technical data.

What makes us different?

We are the only IT asset destruction franchise in the country, and we believe that the franchise model will allow us to disrupt the industry by serving more customers and providing better service to all customers.

Franchisees provide one of Securis’ major advantages: local operations. They are on the ground providing data destruction services at companies’ locations. Our franchisees become a community’s local source for green, secure, sound data decommissioning. Being local reduces the transportation costs of moving equipment; those reduced transportation costs make it possible to profitably serve smaller organizations.

Securis owner George Parks said he made the leap from the corporate world when he realized how massive the opportunity was through Securis.

“Anything that has memory needs to be destroyed,” George says. “Everything is going electronic — paper records, ledgers, all of it. When you go further into the next couple of years, it’s just going to increase.”

How franchisees make money

Securis franchisees make money two ways: Customers pay them directly to remove old equipment and destroy hard drives; and the Securis Processing Facility refurbishes or recycles the equipment collected by franchisees and then resells it, splitting proceeds 50/50 with franchisees.

At Securis, 100 percent of each electronic asset entrusted to the firm is either refurbished or recycled. Absolutely nothing is left to be disposed of in a landfill. All recycling is processed domestically to ensure the highest level of security — which customers love, because there is no doubt that their equipment is being kept out of landfills.

recycling franchise opportunities for growthDemand is growing quickly. The e-scrap market is projected to grow 322% from 2012 to 2019, and the market is projected to be worth $41.9 billion by 2019.

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