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How Securis Generates Revenue for its Franchisees

The Securis processing hub helps franchisees make money while they sleep

Everybody who has looked into franchising knows that franchisees send money to the corporate headquarters team in the form of royalties — but have you ever heard of a franchise that sends money to its franchisees? You have now.

Of course, a Securis franchisee gets a significant amount of money when he or she performs data destruction services for their clients. Clients are happy to pay for on-site and off-site data elimination, especially when it is carefully documented with a sophisticated tracking system.

But once you’ve shredded hard drives and have a mountain of old computer enclosures, what do you do with them? The headquarters team at Securis helps you make money by processing all of those items and either refurbishing and reselling them or breaking them into components and marketing those components on the international scrap market, then splitting the proceeds with you 50-50.

It’s not easy being green, but it sure can be profitable

This is great for two reasons: It’s a sizable added revenue stream for franchisees, and it ensures that Securis headquarters has a huge financial stake in the success of franchisees, who send us a steady stream of materials to be processed.

George Parks, who owns a Securis franchise in Baltimore with his business partner, Dan Dodd, says, “The downstream revenue can be great.” Parks notes a job in which a client paid $600 to have items collected and hard drives destroyed. The computers themselves were relatively new, and Securis HQ was able to refurbish them, resell them and send George a check for more than $2,000. 

We make sure nothing goes to waste, and nothing — nothing — goes to a landfill. That allows our franchisees to make profits while also conserving natural resources and protecting the environment. Clients who choose to work with Securis also prize those attributes, for a variety of reasons.

Securis franchise opportunities with electronics recycling

One, it’s just the right thing to do. Two, it’s another way we protect our clients. E-waste disposal has often been done in an incredibly irresponsible manner that not only leaves data exposed, but also puts hazardous materials in trash heaps, often in poor countries. Many of those countries, in an effort to protect the health of their children and citizens, are starting to issue large fines to corporations whose e-waste winds up in dumps.

Since Securis is R2-certified, we can show that all of the materials we collect are properly handled not only by us, but by everyone in our recycling supply chain.

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