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How Much Can I Make?

How much can a Securis IT franchise owner make? Here’s a look at financial performance and how we make money.

Securis franchise owners enjoy two strong revenue streams: the money they collect from customers for properly disposing of old equipment, and the money they collect from Securis headquarters, which processes and resells equipment and components, then splits the proceeds 50-50 with franchisees.

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So, what is the earning potential for a Securis franchise? There’s not really a ceiling on how much you can earn. If you are willing to network with IT decision-makers, beat the pavement and promote your business, you will be able to capture an expanding range of customers. Our territories are designed to provide you a huge pool of potential customers, and our business model makes it simple for you to scale up operations as you bring on more clients.

In addition to processing and reselling or recycling the items our franchisees collect, Securis operates its own IT asset destruction business in the Washington D.C. metro area. Below is a chart that shows our average earnings over the past five years, as well as our profit margin and average project size. We have adjusted the “Processing Commission” to reflect what franchisees would have earned under our 50-50 split. (In actuality, our processing revenue was double that figure, but we want to give you a financial projection that reflects how our numbers would look for your business.)

5-Year Annual Average
Direct Service Revenue $1,128,405.96
Processing Commission $406,541.23
Total Revenue $1,534,947.19
Cost of Goods Sold $413,210.68
Gross Margin $1,121,736.51
Gross Margin Percent 71%
Number of Customers 296
Number of Projects 543
Average Project Size $2,044.32

Below is another chart from our Item 19, which shows how royalties and fees would look for a franchisee using the numbers above. Note that the royalties and fees are lower than the processing commission we would pay you, and the vast majority of those fees go to local marketing.

Total Fees $214,892.58
Royalty on Direct Services -4% $61,397.88
Marketing Fund Contribution -2% $30,698.94
Local Marketing Expenditure -8% $122,795.76

Securis provides this chart to potential franchisees because we know how important it is to craft a revenue projection based on the experience of others who have run the business. We encourage you to develop a detailed startup projection for your business, and to ask our existing franchisees about their experiences. Once you fill out one of the forms on this site, we’ll start a conversation. When you are ready to start crunching numbers, we are happy to put you in touch with franchisees.

The charts are from the Item 19 section of our Franchise Disclosure Document. The numbers in the tables reflect historical sales data from our affiliate that operates in the Chantilly, Virginia area and has been in operation since 2003.  If you become a Securis franchisee, your financial results may differ substantially from the results presented below. The financial results below are not from franchised locations, so your individual results may differ.  Our affiliate operates its business in 4 different areas and your customer base will be limited by your Protected Territory, which will likely be smaller than the area our affiliate operates its business.

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