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What Happens at the Securis Processing Facility?

Securis electronics recycling franchise processes all the items collected by franchisees and turns all the e-waste into extra cash, which is split 50-50

When items enter our warehouse, they are immediately evaluated based on the type of equipment, whether any components are missing and weight. That allows us to start to understand the value of the item if it is scrapped. But scrapping isn’t really the goal. First, we want to identify items that still have usable life and that might fetch a good price on the resale market.

Securis electronics recycling franchise opportunities


We try to refurbish and resell as much as possible, because that’s where the most money can be made, and it’s also the most environmentally friendly option. There’s nothing greener than putting used equipment in the hands of someone who can use it for another four or five years. We research a mix of marketplaces to see where we can fetch the best price. Sometimes it’s as simple as selling an item on eBay. When you talk to Securis franchisees, they’ll tell you: One of the things that makes Securis a great franchise opportunity is that in addition to making money when you collect items from customers, the headquarters team at Securis helps you make money by processing all of those items and either refurbishing and reselling them or breaking them into components and marketing those components on the international scrap market, then splitting proceeds 50-50 with franchisees.

This is great for two reasons: One, it’s a significant extra revenue stream for franchisees; and two, it ensures that Securis HQ has a huge financial stake in the success of franchisees, who send us a steady stream of materials to be processed.

Here’s how we do it:

A tour of the Securis processing hub

Securis headquarters has all the stuff you’d expect to see in a corporate HQ: conference rooms, training areas, offices where support staff take calls from franchisees and look for ways to boost performance. Once you walk past the offices, you enter our warehouse, which is where Securis makes money for its franchisees.

Andrew Portare, our vice president of operations, runs the processing facility. His job is to ensure that everything franchisees send to HQ is evaluated, processed and sold to the highest bidder. Proceeds from resale are split 50-50 with franchisees, and we want those proceeds to be as big as possible!

Portare and his team are always on the lookout for buyers who are eager for refurbished electronics. Refurbishment and resale generates the most value for franchisees, and has the lowest environmental impact. The scale of our operation allows us to create value. For instance, sometimes the shipping cost of a single older computer can be prohibitive, making resale impossible — but if you can bundle hundreds of older computers together and lower the per-unit shipping cost, you can find buyers. Suddenly, hundreds of computers that were destined to be scrapped can be sold instead, generating much higher revenue for franchisees.


Of course, not everything can be refurbished and resold. Still, the component parts of electronics have value on the scrap market. Electronics are made of precious metals, copper, plastic, glass and other items that can be hazardous if disposed of improperly. But they are valuable if intelligently recycled.

Here’s what goes into smart recycling: Our processing hub dismantles electronics and sorts the components. Smelters pay more for sorted components because they have a better picture of what they are getting. By dismantling and sorting electronic devices, we ensure that franchisees get the highest prices on the scrap market, too.

Electronics recycling has another interesting wrinkle that we expect to have a big impact on franchisees as Securis continues to grow. In a nutshell, smelters have fixed capacity, and to operate most efficiently, they need to be able to maintain a steady supply of components. Because that steady supply is so important to them, they will pay more for a large volume of components than they will for a small volume. Since Securis processes all of the items our franchisees collect, we are able to bundle the scrap together and generate a higher resale value. Since we carefully track each item franchisees give us (including by weight), we are then able to accurately split the proceeds with franchisees.

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