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Who Are My Customers?

Just about everyone needs IT asset destruction services. Here’s a look at some big customers that need it the most.

The easiest answer is a query: Who aren’t your customers? Hard drives are ubiquitous, and at some point all of them need to be disposed of in a regulated and traceable manner.

It’s critical for companies to destroy their old hard drives to prevent data from being recovered from discarded computers. IT departments understand this, which is why they often have broom closets full of old computers. They don’t have a secure, safe and environmentally responsible way to get rid of the old equipment.

Target customers of our IT franchising

Securis solves this problem — and we’ve become a big ally for some huge companies.

Securis owner Ed Beitel says that while working for a Fortune 100 technology company, he saw up close the large hole that exists in the data destruction market. Every time his clients upgraded their equipment, they faced the question of what to do with their old machines — and all the trade secrets, customer information and competitive knowledge stored therein.

I knew that there was solid demand for that kind of service from my experience with IBM,” Beitel says. “I have had customers that I have sold to, and they have all sat in the big conference room as we are moving forward with the project, and then one guy kind of chimes in and says, ‘Yeah, but what do you do with all the old stuff?’ And they all stare at each other. And I thought, ‘What a great opportunity.’ I saw real-life, existing examples of the need for this business.”

Securis franchise owner George Parks, who operates his business out of Baltimore, said the biggest customers for Securis services share a similar issue: the need for total data security.

“They all have regulations because they are all dealing with sensitive data, whether it’s health data or personal credit information, tax information, legal information. All that stuff has to be disposed of in a proper manner, given the regulations,” Parks says.

Here’s a look at the top industries for our services.

Data Centers

Data centers, hosting firms and cloud-computing infrastructure providers face multiple challenges in the IT asset auditing, disposal and destruction arena. They are legally and contractually bound to safeguard the client data residing on their servers, from consumer credit card numbers and health records to enterprise intellectual property and sensitive business information. Data centers must be in compliance with a host of federal information security and privacy regulations. At the same time, they rely on a huge number of hard drives that are regularly replaced. Every time they replace a hard drive, the old one needs to be destroyed and recycled.

Financial Services and Banking Firms

Banks and financial services firms face stringent regulations and challenges in the IT asset auditing, disposal and destruction arena. They are legally obligated to safeguard the client data residing on their servers, from credit card numbers to investment account records to transactional data. Data leaks can be massively expensive for financial institutions, incurring fines, triggering expensive audits and causing customers to flee. Securis provides proof that every hard drive that leaves their building is destroyed, and that data cannot leak.

Healthcare and Medical

The health-care and medical industries are contractually obligated to safeguard client data, from electronic medical records (EMR) to sensitive patient information to credit card numbers. They must be in compliance with a range of federal regulations, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Government Agencies

We are certified by the Defense Logistics Information Service to store and transport military-critical technical data. Want to know how good our data security is? Our processes get a thumbs-up from both the Pentagon and the National Security Agency (NSA). We also hold a contract with the federal government under the General Services Administration (GSA).

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Government Contractors

Securis provides the highest standard of service to all U.S. government contractors who wish to responsibly dispose of their old devices, while simultaneously maintaining the highest level of data security through our unique end-to-end data destruction process. Government contracting firms face stringent regulations and must be compliant with a range of federal information security and privacy regulations. Our solutions make compliance simple.

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