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What is IT Asset Destruction?

IT asset destruction is a fast-growing industry that prevents data leaks from discarded electronics

IT asset destruction is the permanent, unrecoverable elimination of the digital data on old hard drives, and it’s fast becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. Customers are often surprised to learn that digital storage devices are everywhere — not just in computers. Copy machines and fax machines have hard drives for transmitting data. Smartphones have data storage drives. So do the tiny thumb drives you plug into your computer’s USB port to move files around.

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When companies upgrade their computer systems, many are required by law to destroy the data on old hard drives in a way that can never be recovered and used elsewhere. Protected data includes personal banking information, medical histories, sensitive government data and/or student information that should never be in the hands of others. Companies face a ream of regulations dictating how data should be destroyed — but they lack convenient solutions.

The Securis IT asset destruction franchise makes secure digital data destruction easy and eliminates data breach concerns for customers.

Data breaches cost companies millions

The average total cost of a data breach is $7.2 million per breach. This does not include the loss of customer revenue on the heels of a breach due to customer fear or the overall loss of revenue based on a company’s eroded reputation.

That reputation is a company’s calling card, and once sullied, it’s hard to get clean. It’s much more cost effective for a company to spend some money on the front end to eliminate the possibility — and liability — of a data breach.

Lawmakers have responded to data breaches by creating ever-more-stringent regulations for secure data destruction. It’s increasingly becoming required for a company to employ a documented and traceable process such as the one Securis provides.

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Technology Franchises: What makes Securis the best at what it does?

Securis provides a comprehensive, transparent process with complete and trackable documentation. Our system is carefully designed and is certified by regulatory groups and federal agencies. As a franchisee, you receive a proven process for handling highly sensitive data — a process that allows you to compete for business from the biggest companies and organizations in the world.

We place bar codes on the items that we collect to track them from the moment we gather them from customers to the moment they are scrapped or resold (after having destroyed the old hard drive). We use additional bar codes to track the remaining equipment (sans hard drive) as it is being processed.

On-site shredding: One of the things that makes us unique is that we offer on-site electronic media shredding. When our trucks back up to a client’s loading dock, a mobile shredding unit is aboard, and it can handle shredding hard drives, cell phones, backup tapes, DLT, LTO, thumb drives and other data storage devices. On-site destruction gives senior management, inspectors and/or regulatory officials the peace of mind of knowing that very sensitive information has been destroyed before their very eyes. Want to know the details of a tycoon’s financial holdings or the specifications on a fighter jet under development? Too bad, because that data was destroyed before we even left our customer’s parking lot.

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After the on-site hard drive shredding process has been completed, all destroyed materials are then securely transported back to one of Securis’ processing facilities, where all of the material will be recycled.

A full inventory list is then provided to each client, as well as a Certificate of Destruction that protects customers from liability and gives them proof that if data ever does leak, it was not because of improper disposal. The Certificate of Destruction can also be shown to their clients as proof that proper steps have been taken to protect data.

Off-site service: Our off-site data destruction is just as thorough. For companies that don’t need on-site destruction, we collect equipment and place hard drives in secure containers that are loaded onto our trucks. The trucks are GPS tracked to ensure that nothing goes off-course. The trucks arrive at our secure facilities, which are access-controlled. From there, every hard drive is scanned as it goes into the shredder, so clients know the moment the old hard drive has been destroyed.

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