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Posted Sep 25th, 2013

How Securis Franchise Stays on Top of IT Asset Destruction Technology

Wave of solid-state hard drives to drive demand for more secure data destruction

Technologies change, and they can change quickly. Depending on how good of a job you do staying abreast of the IT industry, those changes can create either opportunities or huge challenges for an IT asset destruction franchise.


An article from Inside Analysis, titled “Is Spinning Disk About to Die?”, illustrates the point. Inside Analysis believes that the electronics industry may be at a tipping point regarding the use of solid-state drives (SSDs) instead of hard disk drives (HDDs) for most consumer electronics.

Here’s an excerpt that explains why this matters for an IT asset destruction franchise:

Spinning disk, or hard disk drive (HDD), has been under threat for quite awhile with the cost of solid-state drive (SSD) falling at about 50% per annum. But in the past year or so, the price of SSD – or flash memory devices – has fallen faster and it is becoming disruptive.

You tend not to use all of an HDD, but you can and are eventually likely to fill an SSD to capacity – so SSD has greater capacity than the raw store capacity figures suggest. HDD consumes more power, takes more data center space and requires more data center labor.

The best practice to destroy a solid state drive is via hard drive shredding. (But) we discovered that the shred width (particle size) was critical to the success of destroying the small memory chips in SSDs where the data is stored. Typically, a shred width of ½” or smaller is needed to break through the small memory chips and securely obliterate the data.

We are cutting edge — literally

Inside Analysis’s article highlights a new challenge for IT asset destruction — solid-state hard drives are too small to be reliably destroyed by traditional electronics shredders.


Fortunately for Securis franchisees, we see that as a huge opportunity. Securis has added a “micro-shredding” process that goes beyond traditional shredding and pulverizes devices into 2mm “e-crumbs.” And when you combine Securis’ micro-shredding solution with our degaussing (magnetic wiping) services, inventory tracking and reporting and secure chain of custody, you get unmatched levels of security and confidence for clients.

To learn more about how our data destruction processes protect clients and attract clients the size of Fortune 100 companies and massive government agencies, visit our research pages or fill out a form to download our free franchise report.

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